We glorify teamwork.

Our team seamlessly integrates with businesses and assumes many roles to strengthen your core mission, bolster your go-to-market effectiveness and provide alignment with consumer demands.

Our Founders

Jason Mitzo

Jason Mitzo helped lead the creation of Compound with a vision that is centered on a new, end-to-end experience design model built for both startups and scaleups. With two decades of experience, Jason’s passion has been building top-caliber teams, developing innovative go-to-market strategies and producing over a billion dollars in direct revenue results. Prior to Compound, Jason led successful teams with multiple organizations including, most recently, a Fortune 100 technology company and a number of high-growth startups.

Anna Stover

Anna Stover is a passionate brand builder with experience leading transformational product and marketing strategies for many of the world’s most influential companies. Working with cross-functional teams throughout her career, Anna has maintained a relentless focus to authentic storytelling and delivering premium brand experiences grounded in a sustainability-minded, differentiated, and values-led approach. Prior to Compound, Anna held leadership positions with high-growth companies in both healthcare and technology.

Our Team

Our team is made up of the country’s best talent from multiple disciplines including consulting, brand identity and creative, consumer experience and loyalty, software and technology and big data and performance analytics. We believe an agile mixture of specialized talents precisely deployed with a highly curated approach can help even the most bureaucratic organizations break down silos, create a culture of innovation, drive new business, boost consumer loyalty and build engaged workforces. 
With experience that includes high-growth startups as well as the Fortune 500, our roster includes prominent leaders from across some of the world’s most innovative companies and brands. This list of experienced operators, strategists, executives and advisors have been carefully curated based on their commitment to devoting time and expertise to Compound companies.

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