Our mission is to help passionate entrepreneurs grow their startups into category-defining companies.

We seek entrepreneurs with product vision, consumer insight, focused execution and unwavering ambition. Based in Minneapolis with a secondary presence in San Francisco, Compound empowers startups with the investment capital, human capital and tools they need to build ideas into strong, scalable and successful companies.
We are well positioned to help startups and early stage companies grow by offering a variety of benefits including initial seed funding, brand and product development, go-to-market development and some of the best perks found in the industry. In addition, our portfolio companies receive ongoing guidance via our mentor network, a group of prominent business leaders from across the world’s most innovative companies and brands.


Brand Creation
Financial Sustainability
Go-to-Market Strategy
Growth Strategy
Human Capital
Investment Capital
Mentorship Program
Product Development


We believe an agile mixture of specialized talents and disciplines can have a compounding effect on business.

In today’s business environment, revised growth expectations are a challenge and are no longer defined by short-term revenue metrics. Sustainable growth requires a new operating model that’s anchored around the customer and driven by intelligence to deliver exceptional experiences across the enterprise. Through extensive industry expertise, we empower clients to survive and thrive in the now, the new and the unknown.

The Compound team applies innovation to unlock trapped value within your organization, helping you embrace disruption and transform to lead in the future. We bring together people, technology, processes and data to create intelligent operating models that enable companies to drive exceptional results. 


Brand Purpose and Positioning
Consumer Experience and Loyalty
Customer Profiling and Addressable Market Assessment
Sales and Marketing Strategy
Software Implementation
Strategic Partnership Development
Talent Sourcing
Technology Evaluation and Selection
User Experience and Product Design
Website and Application Prototyping and Development


We create brand potency through the union of talent, technology and transformative ideas.

We design meaningful experiences for both startups and scaleups. Through a proven and comprehensive approach, we’ll help build or enhance your brand deployment effectiveness — creating a memorable and differentiating experience for your partners, prospects and customers. Our focus will be to solidify a strong design foundation combined with a highly strategic activation plan, enabling you to advance your brand and win in the marketplace.


Art Direction and Design
Brand Identity
Campaign Management
Content Strategy 
Environmental Experiences
Event Planning and Production
Media Buying
Photography and Videography
Website Design and Application Development

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